Tagalog Definition 43

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Table of Sentences

Aba, alam mong ayaw ko talaga ng bagong pula na kotseng iyan.
Well, you know, I really don’t like that new blue car.

Aba: exclamation like “oh!”
alam: know, aware of
mong: mo (your) + ng linker; of-you, by-you + ng linker
ayaw: don’t like;ex: Ayaw ko ng alak. I don’t like alcoholic drinks.
ko: my (of-me, by-me)
talaga: really; can be used as a question (talaga?) or a statement (talaga) or for emphasis
ng: of; the non-focus marker. Points to words that are not the subject. Points to the object of the sentence.
bagong: bago (new) + ng linker; bago also means ‘before’
pula: red
na: now, already; na is also a linker between adjectives and nouns
kotseng: kotse (car) + ng linker
iyan: that; note: ‘mga iyan’ is plura of that (those); related word is ‘iyon’, (that over there)